Month: November 2007


Cruise Guide: Arison book a special tribute to art, life

By Mike Coleman The late Ted Arison may have been the pioneering founder of Carnival Cruise Lines but it’s his wife, Lin, mourning the loss of her beloved husband who is now carving the family surname on a remarkable new venture. Shortly after Ted’s passing in 1999, when sorrow-filled days seemed to only worsen, Arison...

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Cruise Guide: Festive holiday voyages in vogue

By Mike Coleman A dazzling variety of festive holiday voyages are only a few weeks away for cruise ship travelers. Discovering the great Christmas markets of Europe, waltzing to Strauss in Vienna or enjoying a champagne toast on an elegant beach in St. Barts, awaits the few lucky souls who will celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or …...

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Cruise Guide: No-frills easyCruise gaining in popularity

By Mike Coleman It was only a matter of time before a no-frills cruise line arrived on the global scene, but the staying power of upstart easyCruise has surprised even the most ardent skeptics. Launched in 2005, easyCruise itineraries were designed to open the world’s chic, off-the-beaten-path destinations to the budget-conscious...

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