Pearl Seas Cruises

Pearl Seas Cruises is building two new luxury passenger ships for world service. These new ships will each carry 214 passengers.

The first ship, Pearl Mist, is scheduled to begin cruise service in 2009, and the second in 2011. The Pearl Mist will begin with international cruises in the Canadian Maritimes, St Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New England, and followed later in the year with itineraries in the Caribbean.

Pearl Seas Cruises ships have been designed for the smaller more intimate luxury market offering Luxury Adventure. The ships have innovative modern designs including state of the art technologies and modern amenities; including a spa, elevators to all five decks, Internet access throughout the ship, oversized suites (302-580 square feet), all with private balconies and large opening picture windows offering spectacular views. Every stateroom is fitted with many modern conveniences and amenities expected by the discerning traveler. The ship will be fully stabilized, and meet the newest and most stringent safety and environmental standards. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting, much like that of a fine private club.

Pearl Mist

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