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New adult areas announced for the Disney Wish

More magic has been announced for the Disney Cruise Line’s upcoming ship, the Disney Wish — this time, exclusively for guests ages 18 and older.

Disney Wish spa

The Disney Wish is being “purposefully designed with adults’ vacation needs in mind,” and this is apparent with today’s announcements.

Outdoor Oasis at Senses Spa

For the first time aboard a Disney ship, Senses Spa will feature a dedicated outdoor relaxation space. This open-air offering is a new extension of the signature Rainforest experience, which has been reimagined for the Disney Wish.

The Rainforest will introduce the fleet’s first ice lounge, offering guests thermal therapies alongside favorite elements like heated ergonomic loungers; sensory spa showers; and sauna, steam and dry chambers.

Untangled Salon

Untangled salon on the Disney Wish

Inspired by the Disney Princess Rapunzel, this high-end salon will be decked out in shades of purple and gold, plus floating lantern light fixtures and custom-cut metal privacy screens depicting the lost princess’ own paintings. One side of the salon will glow with the golden light of a signature chandelier that evokes the iconic flower that gave Rapunzel’s hair its magical qualities.

In addition to haircuts and styling, the menu of services offered at Untangled Salon will include manicures, pedicures, teeth whitening and skin treatments.

Hook’s Barbery

This twist on a traditional European men’s salon will offer cuts, shaves, and nail and skin care. With décor that features dark woods, leather chairs and ornate gold mirrors, the space will also include narrative details inspired by its namesake, Captain Hook: an inlaid wooden map of Never Land, a hidden pocket watch, and a hook (of course), among others. Three seemingly nondescript lanterns will occasionally come to life with lighting and audio effects to signify Tinker Bell jumping from one fixture to another.

Not only will Hook’s Barbery offer salon and barber services, but will also feature a hidden bar! Inside, guests can enjoy pre-Prohibition bourbons, vintage whisky and port, aged rum and premium spirits.

Keg & Compass

Keg and Compass  on the Disney Wish

Keg & Compass is a pub that celebrates the adventure and romance of the high seas, designed in the architectural style of a late 1800s Norwegian sailor’s map room and pulling inspiration from the folklore of Norse seafaring.

Spanning the entire ceiling will be a map in old maritime style that features references to ocean lore, plus an homage to Disney characters and stories related to the sea. In addition to characters like Ursula, the villain from The Little Mermaid, and Moana as they appear in the geographically-accurate locations of their stories, the map will also call out important locations related to The Walt Disney Company and the design and construction of the Disney Wish.

This casual setting will be a place for adults to sit back and relax as they watch live sports, news, and major broadcast events as they enjoy a specialized selection of beers — including three custom craft brews available exclusively aboard the Disney Wish, as well as an assortment of liquors, wines and cocktails.


Nightingale’s is a refined piano bar inspired by Cinderella’s rendition of “Sing Sweet Nightingale” in the 1950 animated film, and will offer an extensive menu of fine wines, bubblies and hand-crafted cocktails.

Described as “classically modern with a soft metallic palette,” the bar’s predominant design feature will be a chandelier perched above the piano — a swirl of pearlescent bubbles and music notes displaying the titular song’s melody crafted out of rose gold. The lounge will be a thematic extension of the fairytale-inspired Grand Hall from which it stems, with large doors that allow the twinkling tunes to spill out into the atrium.

The Bayou

Those looking for a New Orleans-inspired good time aboard the Disney Wish will find it at The Bayou, an informal lounge themed to The Princess and the Frog.

Magnolia blossoms, lily pads and a canopy of twinkling fireflies overhead will highlight the space, bringing to mind the magical marsh where Tiana and Naveen take refuge in the animated film.

The centrally-located venue will offer creative cocktails, specialty coffees and signature beignets in a lively atmosphere, complete with live entertainment and musical performances.

To learn more about Disney Cruise Line and the Disney Wish, which sets sail next summer, visit DisneyCruise.com or contact your travel agent.

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