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Seabourn’s Zero @ Sea Elevates Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Seabourn luxury and expedition cruises have rolled out their Zero @ Sea non-alcoholic drink program for guests wanting to try a variety of mixed drinks without the alcohol. The Zero @ Sea zero-proof mixology program offers a menu of cocktails with ingredients and flavors free of alcohol, such as elderflower, bursts of fresh citrus, botanical spirits, and more. Zero @ Sea cocktails are available fleetwide in all bars and lounges aboard the ships together with an upgraded selection of nonalcoholic wines, sparkling wines, and beers.

Ginger Blossom, Verdigo, Ginny n Tonic, Zero Fizz, Not So Cosmo, Amalfi Spritz - Zero @ Sea
Zero @ Sea Ginger Blossom, Verdigo, Ginny n Tonic, Zero Fizz, Not So Cosmo, Amalfi Spritz, Image courtesy Seabourn

“We understand that our guests’ preferences are always evolving, and we’ve seen an increasing demand for non-alcoholic beverages. Our new Zero @ Sea program was designed to meet those needs for alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages,” said Gerald Mösslinger, Senior Vice President, Guest Operations. “The heart of our ultra-luxury experiences is to provide our extraordinary guests the luxury of choice, and we’re proud to offer an extensive menu of innovative and delicious zero-proof cocktails for guests to enjoy when they sail on Seabourn.”

Bartender pouring a non-alcoholic drink
Image courtesy Seabourn

Zero @ Sea presents a unique menu of non-alcoholic cocktails, crafted to mirror the same level as Seabourn’s culinary offerings. The line strives for food and beverage options on par with fine restaurants. The Zeo @ Sea menu exclusively sources premium zero-proof ingredients, featuring unique twists on popular cocktails such as the “Amalfi Spritz” with non-alcoholic Rosé and Lyre Italian Orange; “Ginger Blossom” with Seedlip Groove 42, elderflower and ginger ale; “Ginny ‘n Tonic” with Optimist Bright, elderflower and grapefruit; and the “Not So Cosmo,” inspired by a hybrid of the popular cosmopolitan with the garnish of a classic old fashioned.

The new cocktails were developed by Seabourn’s expert culinary and beverage team, led by Michael Simon, senior manager of restaurant and bar operations, and Francisco Fernandes, corporate manager service operations.

“Our team was inspired by the growing interest in and increasing requests for alternative cocktails and non-alcoholic options among our guests. In response, we developed premium, zero-proof cocktails that not only promise flavor but are also visually appealing,” said Simon. “The new Zero @ Sea menu pledges a delightful experience for every guest, assuring that the absence of alcohol does not equate to a compromise in taste or complexity.”

Image courtesy Seabourn

Seabourn’s new offerings are the latest updates to the onboard culinary experience, including Solis, a new fine dining experience that celebrates Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the places visited by the line’s ultra-luxury ships. Solis launched on Seabourn Quest in January 2024 and is rolling out to Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn Encore, and Seabourn Sojourn this year.

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