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Spoiler Free Trip Report: Two-night cruise on the Halcyon, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Posing in the atrium of the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

I recently was invited to go on a brand new cruise ship. One like no one has ever been on before. This one doesn’t sail the ocean, it sails outer space. Yes, it’s all pretend, but the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is now “taking guests into outer space and on an excursion to the planet of Batuu. Here’s my day by day report.

Trip Report

The anticipation for our “cruise” on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was building for weeks. We are big Star Wars fans and we love the idea of immersing ourselves into the world of Star Wars. As if Galaxy’s Edge (aka Star Wars theme park land) was not enough, now you can enjoy a two-night stay on a Star Wars Starcruiser. 

We were invited as part of a media event for our sister website, Attractions Magazine. It was myself, my husband Matt and our Media Manager Tharin traveling together.

Now, this might not be for everyone. Super Star Wars fans and those looking for a fun new immersive adventure are the target audience. Also, it’s expensive, so you want to be really into it to make it worth your time and money. So, yes, knowing about Star Wars will help you enjoy this experience more. 

A lot of people try to dress the part. They cosplay, Star Wars bound, or just wear Star Wars T-shirts or dress shirts. It’s up to you how immersive you want to make it. It’s your cruise and your comfort level. 

Entering the pod to get onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
About to enter the space pod and travel up to the Starcruiser.

Day 1: All Aboard 

Check in was simple. They met us at our car. They helped us unpack and the valet took our car for us. We got our MagicBands and went through the entrance by checking in with our MagicBands. Then we went to security. We had a guide walk us through the atrium and then to our room. Our luggage was already in there by the time we got there. 

The cabin is awe inspiring. There is enough space for a family of five. There’s a queen bed, bunk beds, and a hideaway bed under the television. There’s plenty of storage and closet space. There is a little fridge and a safe in the shelved closet area. There is a water craft on the entryway shelf that you can fit in the fridge if you take the shelf out. They also provide a couple of metal cups and they had a couple of bottles of water in the room as well. But I was glad I brought my metal Tervis with me to keep on my nightstand because there were three of us and only two cups. 

A cabin onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
One of the cabins onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

There’s a plug above the nightstand to charge your phone or what not. I was actually surprised there wasn’t a USB port on both sides of the bed. There was a USB on one side, not the other. I thought that was weird, but not a huge deal. There is a little spot under the bed to tuck away some the luggage. There’s no actual window to the outside, but the view into “space” from the screen is ever changing, depending on what planet you are by or if we are in jump into light speed. The bathroom has two different doors to separate the toilet from the sink and shower. There is a hair dryer in a box marked Thermal Blower under the sink. 

B3-O9 is an interactive droid that talks to you through a screen in your cabin. We had a blast interacting with her and going on the missions we chose through our Datapad (iPhone app). B3-O9 was integrated with our Datapads and our schedule. She was not always available and would tell you to come back later she it was busy. But it’s definitely an amazing part of the immersive experience. 

After playing with the fun features in the room, we unpacked a bit and headed to lunch. Lunch was buffet style and you could get as much as you wanted. We toured the ship and also got our Datapads set up in the atrium with the help of a crew member. Then it was time for the muster station drill. 

Restaurant onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
The restaurant onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

They tell you safety procedures and a few other things that happen to create a fun storyline. The First Order (bad guys) show up and created drama with the ship captain and the cruise director.  

We had the early dinner seating at 5:30 p.m. They also have a late dinner at 8 p.m. But we decided that was too late. The dining room transforms a bit at dinner and you are served family style. The Evening with Gaya consist of bento box appetizers, the main course, and dessert. Entertainment went on as we were eating. 

We then went to our scheduled activities, Lightsaber Training, Bridge Training, and more exploring the ship. Lightsaber training was fun, but tiring for me. I really enjoyed watching the kids training with the instructor. She was really passionate about the Force. 

We were given a cookie on our way back to the cabin that was called a Cookie Star Wars Cruiser Pill. Matt and Tharin went back out to tour the ship more. But I called it a night and took a shower journaled a bit before bed. 

The captain of the Halcyon onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
Matt with the ship captain.

Day 2: Excursion

It happen to be 2/22/22, which was really cool. It’s our day at Batuu (Galaxy’s Edge). That’s a lot of twos! 

We woke up early and got ready for breakfast. The Crispy Tuber Waffle was my personal favorite. It was a cheddar egg bite with apple fruit bacon and an egg buttered herb sauce. They did not have non-milk creamer set out, but they did bring some oat milk from the kitchen for me. They do take care of different dietary needs. There was a person with allergies being told what he could eat by the chef while I was at the buffet getting breakfast. 

A droid onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
Having a drink in the lounge with my new droid friend.

After breakfast, we explored the ship and booked our photo shoot for when we got back from Batuu (normally $99 per 30-minute session). We grabbed our gear from the room and got on our transport to Batuu (Disney’s Hollywood Studios). The transport, although a little bumpy, was a short 7-minute ride from the ship to the land. We tapped bands, grabbed a water and we were off. We had reservations at Olga’s Cantina. So we stayed in the area, doing missions on our datapads until it was time for our reservation. 

After enjoying some refreshing drinks. We wanted to get to the rides. With Lighting Lane included in the Starcruiser experience, we rushed over to Rise Of Residence. I had only ridden it once before. So having Lightening Lane for the two rides in this area is a big perk for people like me who really don’t like long lines and waiting in crowds. We really only waited a short 10-15 minutes and then we boarded on the ride. 

After helping the Resistance, we walked through the land to the next ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. After not crashing the Falcon too much, we explored Batuu a bit more before heading back to the ship for lunch. Lunch was included inn Galaxy’s Edge, but we wanted to try the foods on the ship instead. I really liked the Tamarind Glazed Barra Fish. Matt liked the Sweet Tuber Spicy Batuu Curry. Tharin liked the Dipped Tip Yip Chicken with Noodle Cheese. The Cream of Johan was a dessert we all agreed was the best. 

The bar onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
The bar has a electronic Sabacc table in the center of it.

We went back up the the atrium for our photo shoot after lunch. The private shoots provide a fun opportunity to pose in your favorite spot in the ship and get professional shots. The digital imaging should show up in your app when they are ready a few days later. 

Thanks to our PR rep, we were lucky enough to get a tour of one of the suites. It was impressive. I really love the creative way they create hidden storage areas in rooms. The suite had a more upscale feel to it. You walk into the kitchenette area. There is a counter to sit at and the refrigerator is bigger than in the standard cabins. There is a large sitting area that has a hideaway bed. The master suite has a queen bed and another hideaway bed. The shower was bigger than the regular rooms and has two shower heads, one on each end. 

After touring the suite, the boys explored the ship while I went to the room to rest a bit before dinner at 5:30 p.m. That night, the Crown of Corellia dining room was serving the Taste of the Galaxy four-course meal. My favorite was the Braised Bantha Beef Short Ribs. You could cut the meat with a butter knife, it was so tender. The chocolate dessert was good, but not great. 

Food onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
Some of the food we ate the second night of our cruise.

After dinner, we headed out to explore a bit more. We had some fun interactions with the characters and crew members. We knew something big was about to happen: you could sense it. The crowd was getting excited and the crew started acting concerned about something. It all happen at once with lightsabers and explosions. The characters were swirling about in an epic battle. Passenger participation was a must for the success of the Resistance. Then it was all over. We talked to fellow passengers about what just happened. The fun and positive vibe was palpable. So many seemed to be so excited that they got to experience it. I personally loved it, but getting to experience it with others makes it so much fun. 

We made our way down to the dining room for “Sweets and Treats”. I walked around a bit, then headed back to the cabin for bed. Tharin and Matt explored the ship more. 

Show onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
The ship captain and the cruise director get interrupted by the First Order.

Day 3: Disembarkation

We woke and talked to the droid on the com in our room. And glared out the window into space. I was a bit sad we had to leave. It was definitely a memorable experience. Being Star Wars fans, we really enjoyed it. We finished packing, checking everywhere to make sure we did not forget anything. Then we put our tags on our luggage and set it out by our door before heading to breakfast. 

We walked down to the dining room and took it all in one more time. For breakfast they had a thing called a Meteor Egg that was delicious. It was basically a Scotch Egg with a turmeric aïoli. That was my favorite thing on the breakfast menu during the whole cruise. Besides juice, sodas, green and blue milk, they only had coffee offered in the serve yourself area of the buffet. Juices were set up at a side table in the dining room. I asked for some hot tea and they brought it out for me from the kitchen. If it’s not out on the buffet, it often pays to ask. 

We went to the atrium to take the transport (elevator) back to our car. I think the transport is interesting. I like it, but I think the windows (aka the screens) should have been made a bit bigger. They are hard to view if you are tall. I had to tilt my head and stoop down to see them. Shorter people and kids will not have this problem. At the hotel’s main entryway outside there is a gift shop. Yes, even this ends in the gift shop! 

alien onboard the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser
“Look! There’s an alien right in front of me!”

I got a little teary eyed seeing my friends get emotional at the end. It’s hard not to be a bit sad at the end of an epic journey. I was sad it was over, but thankful it happened. The cast and crew of the Galactic Star Cruiser did not disappoint. They exceeded my expectations. Interacting with them and fellow passengers is what made the cruise so memorable. The Imagineers really did a good job with the intricate details of the ship and the storylines of this immersive experience. 

How immersive it is depends on how you interact with others guest and the crew of the Halcyon. Dressing in Star Wars gear and trying to be part of the story is the most immersive. Run and try and do everything you can, and catch up on sleep when you get home. But, you can also just go along for the ride. Just do some of the missions and interactions, while still enjoying it all at your own comfort level. I’m a bit more introverted than some, so I went at my own pace. Plus, I can only handle so much of the running around from mission to mission and interacting a ton. I get tired, so I need to rest and recharge.  

So, do I think it’s worth the cost? It’s subjective. If you like Stars Wars and you can afford it, than yes, it’s totally worth it! But, it’s really expensive, and totally out of reach for others. I think some people will save up to go if they really want to experience it.

Spoiler Warning: Here’s the full video report from our sister site, Attractions Magazine. If you’d like to see even more photos and videos, visit their website at AttractionsMagazine.com.

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